Welcome to the website of the British Society for the Psychology of Individual Differences! The society was founded in 2010 and now has over 100 members across the UK. Please browse our pages for more information on individual differences research in the UK, our annual conference, joining the society, and links to a range of individual differences resources.

The major society activity is our annual conference. The 2018 meeting was held in Edinburgh (local hosts: Dr Michelle Luciano, Prof Timothy Bates of the University of Edinburgh; Dr Mary Stewart and Dr Alan Gow of Heriot-Watt University). The 2019 conference date and venue have yet to be determined.

BSPID Executive Committee

Philip Corr, Co-president

Eamonn Ferguson, Co-president

Mary Stewart, Secretary

Gary Lewis, Treasurer

Sophie Von Stumm, Conference Coordinator

Alison Bacon, Membership Secretary

Jan Bรถhnke, Member-at-Large

Alex Sumich, Member-at-Large